For a more direct and better gear shifting


The easy to install VW Beetle shift rod bushing provides less shift rod clearance and therefore more direct shifting. A broken shift rod bushing is often the cause for a rattle of the shift lever and spongy shifting.

With this two-piece bushing you don't have to remove the complete gearshift rod, which saves you a lot of time and money, with higher stability ...




From now on you will receive an even more stable and reliable shift rod bushing, so you can individualize your driving feeling as you like it - for your even more beautiful beetle rides!


Due to a new, semi-flexible material, the bushing is now not only much more robust and stable, it is also optimally designed to accept a different degree of tightening of the grub screw and therefore to create an individualized driving experience!


In addition, this shift rod guide is now much more resistant to contact with petrol or other substances that are usual in the automotive sector.


You will also receive the corresponding shift rod clutch, which must often also be replaced, so that your shift rod is held optimally and runs smoothly again.


Now get your improved shift rod bushing for more passionate and enjoyable rides with your favourite vintage car!


You can find the video installation instructions with Jürgen Linse here:





  • 1x 2-piece shift rod bushing
  • shift rod clutch
  • 2x set screws
  • 1x/2x threaded pin (Option-dependent)
  • 1x nut
  • 1x washer
  • 1x spring washer
  • 1x seal wire


PLUS: a FREE step by step guide with illustrated and crystal clear procedures!

VW Beetle shift rod bushing + clutch

Gearshift option
  • 100% quality guarantee

    If, contrary to expectations, the bushing is not in perfect condition or breaks, you will of course receive a new bushing immediately!

  • Express shipping

    Despite high-quality 3D printing technology, we are able to send you your socket within a very short time!

  • Especially for your needs

    Adapted to your needs you can choose between the standard option for the original gearshift lever and an extra version for retrofitted gearshifts, which includes an additional longer threaded pin. This guarantees a simple installation!

  • Even better now

    Because of the new semi-flexibility, you will achieve an individualized driving experience, through a now even more reliable and stable solution for your VW Beetle!

  • Compatibility

    This semi-flexible shift rod bushing is suitable for: VW Beetle; Karmann Ghia Typ 14 a 34; VW-Kübel 181

  • + Shift rod clutch

    With the included shift rod clutch, you get an all-round carefree package for your shift rod, which not only makes it run better, but also makes it more future-proof!

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