The Smart Roadster roof glider set COMPLETE - available soon!


With this set you get ALL the roof gliders - not available somewhere else so far - which are built into the Smart Roadster Softtop and you can bring your top back to life.


The roof glides are now made of nylon and will give your roadster soft top back its optimal functionality and durability.


These roof gliders are the solution for a Smart Roadster soft top which does not open and close properly, does not reach the end position completely, does not run smoothly or finally does not lock correctly.

Here, the old gliders are often damaged and, in the worst case, the gliders are broken, which in the long run causes further damage and strange noises. As a result, the drive of the roof can be overloaded and the motor pinion can skip, which also causes a rattling noise.


By exchanging and changing the originally installed gliders to this revised set, the roof of your roadster will be guided optimally again, finally runs smoothly again, locks completely and will last better and longer in the future, because a slightly modeled design allows to skip the metal spring clip, which often causes damage to the soft top.


In this set ALL roof gliders are completely included, so that without any doubt all important gliders can be replaced.*


The installation and removal of these special nylon roof gliders requires a complete removal of the entire roadster soft top. We strongly recommend to let this repair be done in a workshop! We are not liable for any damage that occurs during roof removal or replacement of the gliders, nor do we bear any costs.





ALL roof gliders for the Smart Roadster


*The "hammer attachments" for the "hammer gliders" in the additional kit are not included and must be replaced by the original gliders.

Smart Roadster roof glider set COMPLETE

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  • 100% quality guarantee

    Because of the high quality production we offer a 100% quality guarantee. If, contrary to expectations, a part is not functional or breaks during the workshop installation, gliders can be sent in later against payment of the shipping fee!

  • Shipping

    Because the smart gliders are printed "on demand", each complete smart kit takes about one week to be produced.

  • Especially for your needs

    Adapted to your needs, we offer you the complete glider set as well as smaller sets, so that you can solve your individual problem precisely and cost-effectively.

  • Compatibility

    These gliders are compatible with ALL Smart Roadster Softtops!

  • Now even better

    Because of the innovative and improved 3D printing technology and the industry standard nylon material we catapult your soft top to a new quality level - durable and stable!

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