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Coming soon: For the Smart Roadster

Smart Roadster

The solution against a defective softtop that doesn't close properly, doesn't run smoothly or makes strange noises - get your roadster feeling back!

VW Beetle

Now, for even better gear changes in this classic: With the help of a minimal improvement, finally experience a perfect gear change again - noiseless and direct!

The roof of the Smart Roadster

The roof of this roadster contributes an elementary part to this special car. However, a common problem here is that the final position of the roof is not fully reached because the roof does not run smoothly, does not lock properly, stops early or simply does not open and close correctly. Sometimes there are additional rattling noises from the engine, or scratching noises from the rails of the roof, which can cause further damage in the long run ...


The solution: nylon roof glides for the soft top

With the help of these new nylon roof gliders, your roof will run perfectly again. With the respective sets all roof gliders can be exchanged, so that your roof opens and closes smoothly and completely and locks correctly at the end. Due to these particularly abrasion-proof and resistant gliders, your roof will reach a new level of quality and will run for a long time again!

The gearshift of the VW Beetle

Passionate Beetle drivers know that the gearshift on this classic car is something very special. Of course, it is all the more annoying when the gears become spongy after a few years, the gearshift lever starts to rattle and the gearshifts become less clean. The cause here is often a defective shift rod bushing, which stabilizes the shift rod and therefore ensures comfortable gear changes.


The solution: A new VW Beetle shift rod bushing

This easy to install VW Beetle shift rod bushing provides less shift rod clearance and therefore more direct gear shifting. With this two-piece bush you don't have to remove the complete shift rod, which saves you a lot of time and money, with even higher stability ...

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You know the situation: As soon as even the smallest detail of your own car is defective or outdated, you think only of this one construction site every time you drive. The unique driving feeling and the beautiful rides are poisoned by this one thought:

"I still have to repair it!"

Let's be honest - in this case even driving special cars doesn't bring much joy...

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